I'll Have A Beer (Soap), Please

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If you’ve heard of beer soap but haven’t tried it, you may be imagining someone pouring his favorite lager into a batch of soap. That’s not exactly the process it goes through, but close! When you add beer to your soap, something magical happens.

When a typical glycerin soap base is created, water is always an ingredient… except for beer soap. Instead, the water is replaced with beer, which offers a light scent and all-natural ingredients. Surprisingly enough, the beer in beer soap has added benefits. Beer soap has something for everyone, whether you’re looking for a soap that moisturizes, fights acne, or even helps to repair hair.

Beer Soap Benefits

I know what you’re thinking. Beer may seem like such a strange ingredient for soap, but it is so much more than a beach-day essential. Beer is abundant in vitamins and minerals that your skin craves. Brewer’s yeast has been a popular natural supplement for years because it can contain biotin, Vitamin B12, riboflavin, potassium, iron, and produce oils in the pores, therefore reducing the number of breakouts.

Beer soap packs a big punch when it comes to moisturizing. Hops, an ingredient in beer, contains skin softening amino acids which can soothe irritated and inflamed skin.

The yeast in beer can tighten hair follicles and remove dirt and oil, making it perfect to use when washing a beard! Some hairstylists even claim that it can help to repair damaged hair because of the pantothenic acid, protein, and B vitamins that beer contains.

So, What’s In Beer Soap?

The beer used in our soap base is from a local brewery in Cleveland, Ohio! One of the main reasons we make handmade soap is so that we can control the ingredients used in the process. Just like brewing craft beer, you can focus on making small batches of artisan soaps that feature only the finest natural ingredients like coconut oil, palm oil (Roundtable Certified Sustainable), and coconut oil. Combine these ingredients with a craft beer and like magic, you have a bar of soap that will not only lather as it should (unlike commercial soaps) but one that smells good too.

Oh, and our soap also includes local honey. Raw honey can help balance the bacteria on your skin, which makes it a fantastic product for acne. It can help speed up your skin cells’ healing processes. Honey is also known to have moisturizing effects. We don’t believe that you can ever be too moisturized.

The Feel of Beer Soap

If you’ve ever cleaned up spilled beer, you know how sticky it can get. Beer soap, however, isn’t sticky at all. Beer soap requires no extra preservatives or chemicals, which helps make the bar have a smooth and silky feel. It’s a good feeling to know that your hands won’t stick together after you’ve washed them.

Beer Soap Has Foam, Too

Some commercial soaps lather well but use dangerous chemicals to achieve that. Some handmade soaps (not including Island Blu Studio) don’t lather enough, making it difficult to use. Island Blu Studio’s beer soap, however, is a happy medium. While it is made with natural ingredients, beer soap is known to create a frothy layer that moisturizes the skin.

You might still be picturing a guy pouring beer into a soap concoction. Don’t let that deter you, though! Just like there’s a whole world of beers for every palate, there are plenty more possibilities for beer soaps. It’s just about choosing the one that’s right for you!

Check out our beer soap here.

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