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We've been saying for months that big changes are coming with our relaunch in January 2022. We are going all in on our rebrand. Now it is time to start talking details. 

Instead of seasonal scents, we will be launching most new & restock products monthly. New scents will be small batch, and we can't promise when or if they will come back. If a scent is popular, we will try to re-release it during the year. Not all scents will be available in all products.

Packaging: Our plastic bottles will be going away. We are moving to aluminum bottles because they are forever recyclable. Plastic bottles can be recycled but they usually aren't. Even though we are a teeny tiny company we want to do our part. How we ship our products will even be changed to be more eco friendly.

Body Wash: We love our body wash. You love our body wash. So it's sticking around. But will only be available in 4 scents. We may occasionally release limited edition body washes or they may show up in sets. Our email list is the best way to keep up!

Glycerin Soap: Glycerin soap is being discontinued. Our new cold process soap will have skin loving ingredients like mango butter & hemp seed oil. 

Shampoo & Conditioner: We will be moving to mainly shampoo & conditioner bars. Shampoo bars will be available in a variety of different scents for specific hair types. Our liquid shampoo & conditioner will only be offered in 4 scents. Just like the body wash we may release limited edition sets through the year.

Body Lotion: Body lotions will be changing just a little bit. We will be expanding our offering of body lotions & butters, depending on the seasons.

Some new stuff: We will be bringing in bubble bars, bath bombs, hair masks, candles and some more surprises. These will be included in our monthly launches.

REWARD POINTS: sorry, I got excited and didn't mean to yell. We will be offering rewards points, free shipping with a minimum purchase, a chat box if you need us right away and a flat rate shipping deal. Be sure to look for all of the fun new stuff when the website reluanches.

Etsy: We have decided for personal reasons to no longer have a shop on Etsy. At the time of this blog post we have over 150 products listed. So we will be doing a slow close. As products expire we will not be renewing them. If you love Etsy and will only shop there, we completely understand! Caitlyn will be announcing each week what will be next up to expire, so you have a chance to grab it before it's gone.

Custom Orders: We love custom orders and want to make you happy. But we will be pausing custom orders for a little while. We hope to bring those back in the future. If you would like to place a bulk order, please feel free to contact us.

What isn't changing is our love for our products or our customers. We want to make Island Blu Studio better for you. As we grow and change, we hope you will come along for the ride.

One love,
Suny & Caitlyn

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