Out with the old. In with the new....

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We hope you are loving the new website design, reward points and free shipping. Now it is time to talk about what is leaving us going into 2022.

Some of these products will be going away forever. Some we may release in 2022 in limited editions. To be transparent, we just haven't decided yet. With such a small company it can be hard to remove your feelings when making busines decisions. We love every product we make, but sometimes they just don't sell very quickly. Island Blu Studio hasn't grown to the level of Suny Island Blu, YET. So space and finances have to be taken into account. We also love you and want to make every single customer happy. But we also want to grow and be the best we can for all of you.

We have lowered prices so that you can stock up, for your convience we've listed approximate use by dates.

Wax Melts - indefinitely 
Roll On Perfume - best used within a year of purchase. still safe to use after this date, but scent may not be as stong.
Body Spray - best used within 2 years. still safe to use after this date, but may lose some scent.
Leave In Conditioner  - best used within 1 year from purchase date.
Lip Balm - indefinitely if unopened.
Glycerin Soap - best used within 1 year. safe to use after that date, but scent may fade.

Our Etsy Shop - We've been with Etsy since the beginning. We love our customers who found us that way so very long ago. But Etsy has changed a lot over the years. Some of those changes have been great and some just don't sit well with us on the seller side of things. We've made the hard decision to put our shop on permanent vacation, when all of our listings expire. Listings will start to expire in December and will no longer show up on that platform. If you prefer to shop with us on there, we recommend doing it as soon as you are able, to get the best selection. And we hope going forward you will give our main website a try!

Much love

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