Body Spray in our Throw Back Collection section

Over our 6 years many products have come and gone...from time to time our amazing customers ask us to bring them back!
Our Throwback Collection will only be around for a short time. They will be produced in limited scents and quantities. Some products will even have a create your own event and pre-orders, so you can get what you want in the quantity wanted. 
We can't guarantee products will return after their short run. It all depends on you and how popular the products are. If they sell out fast enough, we may even bring them back permanently!
First up are body sprays. Our body sprays are a perfect way to give yourself a bit of a pick me up during the day. Great to toss in that gym bag, beach bag or office drawer. 
They are also on sale for a great price of $8!
Available in
Hawaiian Coconut
Island Coconut
Kauai Blu
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o you have a favorite product you would love to see added to the Throwback Collection? Drop us a comment below or drop us a note via the Contact Us tab below.

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