Goodbye for now

It is with great sadness that we announce the closing of Island Blu Soap. It's been an amazing and wonderful 6 years. We have been very honored to be your go to for all things bath and body. This may not be goodbye forever, but it is goodbye for now.

We will officially close after our current stock of supplies and products are gone.

This has not been an easy decision for us to come too. We have loved bringing the beach to your showers, being a part of your baby showers, weddings, corporate parties and your lives.

Current products are 10% off. Just use code "byefornow" at Island Blu Soap. No code needed in our Etsy Shop.
You also have a great chance to have a custom product made just for you in some of your favorite seasonal scents. You can find those here

This is the end of a chapter but not the end of the book. We are currently working to launch some amazing new products. We will have some wonderful hemp jewelry, dreamcatchers and more coming your way soon! We hope you will continue on this journey with us!

Much love
Suny, Caitlyn & Lexie


  • Trudy Love

    So sorry you are closing your doors for now, but I surely understand. You are a strong person and you will bring it back even stronger. God be with you and bless you. Love and Prayers!

  • Ron Griffith

    You have exceeded ,even the great expectations I have had for you, since you first let us know you were planning to begin this business. ( I say that because, in the time I have known you, you have been a fighter for what you want, and you don’t usually give up until you have some kind of success) We believe and know, this business is a success with good products that are created with hard work and pride to satisfy your customers. Even though you have had to work through adversity and personal family pain and heartaches, past and present, you have continued your hard work and dedication to this business. Also, we know Caitlyn and Lexie have been a great support and help through it all. It would have been a much more difficult undertaking without their dedication and love for you and the business you created. And , as you decide to begin anew with this business with the new products that you mention, we know you will be successful. Kudos to you and Caitlyn and Lexie.

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