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Meet Suny & Caitlyn

Suny Island Blu Soap Co spent six years bringing beachy vibes and bright colors to the skincare world.
After a two year hiatus, Suny and Caitlyn are excited to bring Island Blu Studio back to your shower. The same products you love, the same hippie vibe, but a slightly different name.
Suny, a certified-hippie, is a mother of six children, five cats, and one dog. Her contagious laugh and infectious personality brighten every room she walks into. Suny's whimsical creativity allows her to create bath and beauty products that will transport you to your favorite flower patch.
Caitlyn, Suny's oldest child, had worked with the Suny Island Blu Soap Co since she was only 11. Since then, her passion for creating handmade bath and beauty products has only grown. With Caitlyn's attention to detail and analytical mind, she has become the perfect partner for Suny and the Island Blu Studio.
Suny and Caitlyn are excited to bring back products to your shower this year. They can't wait to relaunch and show you all of the fantastic products they've been working on.
Stay trippy, little hippies!