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Our Story

Island Blu Studio is co-owned by Suny (Mom) & Caitlyn (Daughter). This is our story.

How it started:
Island Blu Studio started out as Suny Island Blu in June 2012. Suny was a Mom to 4 kids who had just been laid off and needed a creative outlet. She decided to combine her love for bath products and her need for tropical scents all year round. So, she and her daughters held a yard sale and with $200 in start up money, created Suny Island Blu.

Suny for her nickname; Island to represent her love of the Virgin Islands; and Blu because she missed the sights, smells and people of the Caribbean. 

Caitlyn started out helping whenever she could. She found she loved packaging up orders, doing inventory and labeling products. As she got older she learned the production side of making products and took a more active role in the company when time permitted.

By 2015 Suny Island Blu had grown larger than our wildest dreams. We were in multiple stores, subscription boxes and even had our sea glass soap carried by the Sea Glass musuem in California. Our little family of beach bums expanded to 7.

How it ended:
In 2016 Caitlyn was off to college, as our last baby was born and expanded us to a family of 8. Even though she was 2 hours away, she still kept coming home to help with Suny Island Blu. Sadly Suny's husband & Caitlyn's stepdad (Bryan) was diagnosed with ALS (also known as Lou Gehrig's disease) that year. By 2018, Caitlyn was knee deep in college classes and Suny was trying (and failing) to keep the business going alone, while being the only care taker for her husband and Mom to 5 kids. So with heavy hearts we all decided it was time to close Suny Island Blu. We sadly lost Bryan just a few short months later.

How it all started AGAIN & where we are now: 
By 2020 Caitlyn had a shiny new degree and moved closer to home & family. Suny and her wild pack of 4 boys needed a fresh start and decided to move to the same city Caitlyn was in. We realized shortly after that we not only missed our customers, but our customers missed us. After much thought and planning we opened Island Blu Studio. So here we are and so are you!

What's next?
In 2022 we are moving to a more eco friendly company and making it even more a reflection of us and our values. Suny brings the hippie beach vibes and Caitlyn brings the sanity. Those things will never change.
We have looked hard at everything from packaging to production. We have become more focused in who we want to be as a company and the direction we want to go in. Every product, packaging, ingredient and even our website will be getting a face lift and making it as eco friendly as possible.

Our company goal is to bring you the scents of the shore lines, the beach towns you love, that surfing trip, that summer vacation at the shore, the holiday in the Caribbean, or your daily trip to your favorite surf spot. We wrap those in products you can feel proud to use, to gift to friends and loved ones at an affordable price. We hope that by using our products we can put a smile on your face and bring those incredible ocean scents right to your home.