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Island Blu Studio's Scent List 

Our scent list will be changing in 2022. We've stocked up the store to get you through! A lot of scents will be discontinued once we've used up the current stock. You will see them randomly launch through out next year in various products until they are gone. They will be marked with a "last chance" tag. Watch our social media, Caitlyn will post the next months launch, starting in December so you can plan ahead.

Some products will be revamped and re-launched some will be discontinued. But we will have amazing new products to replace them with! 

We are so excited for the up coming changes and can't wait to share them with you!

Vintage Hippie - Patchouli, Nag Champa - Not going anywhere
Island Coconut - Coconut and Vanilla - Not going anywhere
Sea Mist - Sea Salt, citrus, ocean breeze, tonka
Honolulu - island coconut, palm leaves, oranges
Palo Santo Patchouli - palo santo, patchouli, sandalwood - Not going anywhere
Hibiscus Palm - jasmine, ylang ylang, palm leaves
Rogue Wavecoconut, sandalwood, vanilla, amber and sugar cane - Not going anywhere.
Seaside Serenity - citrus, apple, pineapple, peach, melon
Coconut Coolada - Lemon, coconut, orange, passionfruit
Seas the Day - lavender, rosemary, tea tree - Not going anywhere

Seasonal - Limited Editions

Toasted Coconut
Coconut Caramel
Beach Babe
Sunflower Sandalwood - Not going anywhere
Amber Driftwood
Coconut Bliss
Caribbean Teakwood
Island Chic - guava, coconut, banana, pineapple - Seasonal
Sea Salt Orchid - sea salt, orchid, jasmine, lily of the valley, and tonka bean - Seasonal
Island Vanilla (formerly Vanilla Voodoo) - Vanilla 
Flamingo Beach - 2022
Golden Sands - 2022
Bamboo Coconut - 2022

Hippy Dippy - bubblegum, grape, violet, lilac, rose, and jasmine
Hawaiian Island - 2022
Bali Blu Surf 2022
Surf's Up - coco butter, sea salt, and just a little bit of surfboard wax scent
Wahine - Mint, palm fronds, gardenia, muguet, coconut

Discontinued (no longer available once sold out)
Beach Bum
That's Bananas
Hawaiian Coconut 
Shave Ice
Salt Water Taffy 
Santal Coconut 
Black Coral 
Sea Salt Coconut 
Sea Salt Sandalwood  
High Tide
Beach Linen
Pink Flamingo
Pineapple Sage
Mermaid Sea-Quin
Beach Christmas
Black Sea 
Salty Mermaid 
Trippy Hippy
Kauai Blu 
Island Blu Ale
Black Magic
Witch Better Have My Candy
Rose Quartz
Peaceful Patchouli
Cast a Spell
Tropical Hawaiian
Pineapple Margarita
Lava Flow
Desert Fairy
Blu Wave
Pacific Trail
Hawaiian Pineapple 
The Cauldron 
Beach Campfire 
Screamin' Pineapple 
Coconut Pumpkin 
Boogie Man 
Raven's Call